ECU Health Brand Assets and Guidelines

Visual Identity Standards

This page is specifically for the employees of ECU as a resource for their use of the ECU Health logo and brand. The ECU Health logo and its hospital, clinic and health service logos are the only marks approved for ECU Health entities. No other marks or logos may be used to represent the medical center and its systems without receiving prior written approval from the director of Creative Services. All instructions in the manual must be followed. Any item designed using the ECU Health logo by ECU employees MUST be submitted to Logo Review prior to use.
Download the ECU Health Manual here:

ECU Health Brand Manual (PDF)

The ECU Health Logo

ECU Physicians employees can design graphics, newsletters and other items that will feature the ECU Health logo. However, the ECU Health System and East Carolina University will not be distributing the logo to departments for their use.

If you are not going through ECU Creative Services to design your content, but would like to have an ECU Health logo incorporated onto a design that you have created. Contact Rob Spahr, director of ECU Health Sciences
Communications,, to have your design reviewed and a logo added.

Color Palette

In establishing the identity of ECU Health, color is paramount. By using the official colors in a consistent manner, our identity is only strengthened. The colors of the health system vary from, yet complement, the ECU color palette. Refer to the color formulas here and the brand manual for all color specifications. Secondary colors should be used for accent only.

PLEASE NOTE: The ECU Health logo is only to appear in ECU Purple-Pantone 268, black when color is not an option and white on a Pantone 268 background. For other ECU Health entities, the hospital, clinic or service name would appear in Charcoal-Pantone 447.

ECU Purple
PMS 268
Hex: #592A8A
CMYK: 82-100-0-12
RGB: 80.45.127
Secondary Purple
PMS 2735
Hex: #322E78
CMYK: 98-99-19-7
RGB: 50.46.120
Health Blue
PMS 660
Hex: #2F74B7
CMYK: 83-52-2-0
RGB: 47.116.183
Accent Teal
PMS 7709
Hex: #72BEC6
CMYK: 54-7-22-0
RGB: 114.190.198
Natural Gray
PMS 5295
Hex: #AFB4C5
CMYK: 28-21-10-4
RGB: 175.180.197
PMS 656
Hex: #EFF6F7
CMYK: 5-1-2-0
RGB: 239.246.247
PMS 447
Hex: #3A3A3A
CMYK: 69-62-61-52
RGB: 58.58.58


The consistent use of a small family of typefaces is the most important constant in helping to establish a unified look among our many publications. You may also use the italics version of the typeface sparingly, as needed. The ECU Health typeface is Libre Franklin. This Google font can be downloaded for free.

Libre Franklin Bold
Libre Franklin Semibold
Libre Franklin Regular
Libre Franklin Light


Branded templates for ECU Health have been created for ease of use in promoting the ECU Health brand. Download templates here:

Please send questions about the ECU Health brand