Visual Identity Standards

The East Carolina University logo; unit/department logo lockups; the university seal; the Pirate Club mark; and the athletics spirit marks are the only marks approved for use by the university community. No other marks or logos may be used to represent the university and its programs without receiving prior written approval from the director of creative services or the assistant athletics director for licensing, respectively. Use of the university seal is restricted.

When using any of the university marks listed above, please follow the guidelines in the documents below. The University Image: A Guide to Publications and Advertising is the main publication covering the use of trademarked words/phrases and logos, and includes key information about use of colors and fonts. Please take the time to review these guidelines when creating marketing materials or publications.

Although it incorporates components of the ECU logo, ECU Health has its own set of branding requirements. ECU Health team members and providers can find resources and information on the ECU Health Brand Central portal. It includes templates, color palette and fonts specific to ECU Health.

ECU Health Marketing & Communications can be reached by email at or by phone: 252-847-4526.

The University Image: A Guide to Publications and Advertising (PDF)

Division of Student Affairs Branding Quick Guide (PDF)

Standards for university mark and logo use by student organizations (docx)

Standards for university mark and logo use for Club Sports (docx)

Video Questions 2019

Creative Brief (PDF)

ECU Social Media Style Guide (PDF)

The University Logo

The East Carolina University logo consists of the stylized rendering of the university Cupola and the letters ECU. The letters ECU are a registered trademark and include the registration symbol. The elements in the logo are in specified relationships to one another. Do not attempt to create your own version or alter the arrangement of existing elements.

The logo is available in two orientations: horizontal and vertically stacked. The horizontal version is the preferred primary mark. The vertically stacked alternate should only be used if the logo is being presented in a space that is not conducive to the primary horizontal format.

Color Palette

In establishing the identity of ECU, color is paramount. By using the official colors in a consistent manner, our identity is only strengthened. Generally speaking, the official colors for ECU are purple and gold. Refer to the color formulas here for all printing and web-related color specification. Purple matches Pantone 268 for both coated and uncoated papers. Gold matches Pantone 123 for coated papers and Pantone 109 for uncoated papers.

Black, white and other colors are considered accent colors and may be used as appropriate in running copy, headlines and certain other uses. Please send questions about ECU’s color palette to

Pantone® 268
(coated/uncoated paper)




Pantone® 123
(coated paper)




Pantone® 109
(uncoated paper)




Colors for Web Use

Purple: #592A8A
Dark Purple: #41215E
Gold: #FEC923
Dark Magenta: #77216F
Grey: #6C6D68
Teal: #00818F


The consistent use of a small family of typefaces is the most important constant in helping to establish a unified look among our many publications. The university typefaces are as follows.


For Body Copy

Serif: Adobe Garamond family
Sans serif: Avenir Next family

For Headline/Display Copy

Serif: Adobe Garamond family
Museo Slab family
Sans serif: Avenir Next family

Special Use (Infographics, Web, Video, etc.)

Avenir Next Condensed family

Accent (limited decorative use)

Celestia Antiqua
Ovidius Script

Please send questions about the ECU typefaces to

Typefaces for Web Use


For Headlines

Sans serif: Oswald

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

For body

Serif: Quattrocento

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Below are templates to be used for your PowerPoint presentations.

Stationery and Business Cards

Please put a requisition in with University Printing & Graphics:

Email Signatures

These are the approved email signature options for branding best practices. See the Word document below. To add the ECU logo to your signature, open the Word document, click on the ECU logo and cut or copy it. Then paste it in your signature set up. Do not screen shot the page or logo.

  • The Word document below shows approved use of the ECU logo in the signature.
  • Keep in mind that vCARDS or other graphics or icons can increase file size, appear as attachments and sometimes look distorted.
  • Please consider that quotes and personal statements may appear as official university communication since they are part of an official ECU email address.Options:Email Signatures (docx)